karina9 (resized)Since childhood I have had an above average affinity with the Agri-Food business. My choice to study food technology was easily made. After my education, I immediately started working in the dairy industry. Or rather in the interface between food and pharma, being: infant formula. A fantastic category involving many different aspects such as specific technology, high quality ingredients, nutritional parameters, (strict) legislation, innovation and multidisciplinary projects. After working in product development for several years, my interest was aroused in a more commercial role and I switched to the marketing discipline.

"Armed" with specific knowledge about production and nutritional research of infant formula, I ended up in the field of marketing and communications.
Almost on a daily basis I noticed that it is particularly useful if you speak the language of both manufacturing/R&D ánd Sales & Marketing. Here clearly lies my strength. On the one hand guiding innovation with knowledge of the market, and on the other hand communicating strategically in the market to make a good translation of science into consumer language.

After 18 years of working for the country's "dairy giant" FrieslandCampina, I have ended my career at FrieslandCampina, started my own business and I am looking for assignments where my knowledge and experience in the field of international marketing, combined with my technical background, can help to grow other businesses and brands.

Inspired by nature & science

Essence & Method

The key element in the projects I execute is primarily listening to the customer. In an introductory call it usually becomes clear whether I can add value.

My method is characterized by in-depth analysis, with attention to detail and organizational coherence from which I come to a reasoned, strategic marketing and communication plan in line with the objectives of the organization and support which was created during the process.

Why Panta Rhei?


Clear agreements are made in advance about: the objectives of a project, the results to be achieved, but above all about the approach and the costs.

Clear analysis

Based on a thorough analysis, informed decisions can be made.

Personalized approach

Every assignment is unique and is also executed in such a way that personal contact with the customer is an essential part. No "tricks" but tailor-made solutions for every problem.


Although each project requires its own approach, tried and tested methods are used to achieve optimum quality of the result.

Customers & Partners